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Nerd, Geek or Dork?

June 13, 2009

For several weeks now the big news was that at midnight last night Facebook would be offering vanity URL’s to their users.

I know several people who were planning to stay up late to make sure they got their preferred names. I wasn’t planning on being one of them.. I just really wasn’t all that concerned.  There are a lot of “Beth Warrens” on Facebook and if I had to pick a different name… then no big deal.

I use Facebook for fun, not for “business” or anything of that nature.. it’s a way to stay connected to my friends around the country and around the world.  It’s “personal” for me..  more of a  free time fooling around kind of thing.  Most of what I post is fairly humourous and tongue in cheek.. so if I had to go with something else.. I could live with it.  evilgenius maybe?  funniestgirlintheworld (my hotmail addy)?  Honestly, didn’t really give it much thought.   In fact, midnight came and went and I totally forgot about it and went to bed.

I was actually surprised at how many people were going a wee bit crazy over the whole thing.  Apparently within an hour a million user names had been registered.

This morning I remembered that the URL’s were available and asked my kids if they were going to put vanity URL’s on their Facebook pages. First, they had no idea what I was talking about. Then, they confirmed that I was both addicted to the internet and that I was a geek.  (Uh, duh.)  And then they completely ignored the whole thing.

I logged on to FB and tried it out.. first try, was available.. and I took it.  There are a LOT of Beth Warrens on FB so I’m really quite surprised I got it.

I’ve taken a look through my friends’ profiles and some have added a personalized URL, some haven’t.  Most just used their own names. But some got creative. My favourite is my friend Avril’s… (uh, I’m still the funniest girl in the world.. just so you know, Av.).

But bethwarren will do.. after all, it’s my name.. oh, and evilgenius was taken.

(Take a look at this one.. this is hilarious.)

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