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Won’t You Be My Neighbour?

July 25, 2009

mr_rogers_neighborhood_smallI moved about a week ago and consequently I am adjusting to a new house, new town, new everything.

Met a couple of my new neighbours over the last little week or so. They seem nice enough. The last few places I’ve lived I’ve not gotten to know many of the neighbours so needless to say if I was ever in dire need of a cup of sugar, I’d be out of luck.

Mulling over the whole neighbour issue, I was thinking that fair being fair, I should really make the first move and say hi, how are ya… after all, just because I’m the newbie, it doesn’t make it their responsibility or duty to make me feel welcome to the neighbourhood.  Friendship is a two way street.

This morning I read this tweet from my friend Kneale Mann (@knealemann on Twitter.. check out his blog here)

Go to your followers list. Pick five people. Have a close look at all of their profiles and sites. Say hello.

Coincidentally, I had not only been thinking about doing something along these lines in my new ‘hood, but had also thought about this re: Twitter. 

Yesterday, I tweeted that I like it when a new follower says hi to me and tells me why they’re following..  I don’t always “catch” all the notifications of new followers.  I try, and I make an attempt to take a look at their profiles and determine that yes, they are indeed humans for one, but whether or not I’d enjoy their tweets.

I’d been slacking off, obviously.

Therefore, I took my lovely friend’s advice and went through a bunch of followers, said hi, looked at their profiles, read some of their blogs.  I’ve met some pretty cool people from all over the world just by saying “hello”.  I have new friends in the UK, California, Guatamala, Peru, New York… all over the Twitterverse..

If you don’t cross the proverbial street to say hi to your Twitter neighbours, how are you going to become friends? Guess you could say friendship is a two way “tweet” (yeah, I know…)

Won’t you be my neighbour?  Because you never know when you’re going to need a cup of sugar.

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  1. July 25, 2009 4:08 pm

    Just stopping in to say, here is a cup of sugar, in case you need it down the road and I’m not home. (I actually did this and they thought I was insane but we are now the best of neighbors and they tolerate the dog’s barking, etc)

    Glad you’re moved in and thanks for the excellent Twitter tips!

  2. David Olinger permalink
    July 25, 2009 11:39 pm

    Good post, as always. We will have to cross a couple of borders to meet, but meet we will. In the meantime, it had been great connecting with you online and on the phone. You are a special friend. Can you say special? Sure. I knew you could.



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