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Keeping it Real.

July 30, 2009

“The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” – Groucho Marxar119056881934158

I was listening to my local radio station the other day and the announcer on air made a huge deal for several breaks about playing the new Pearl Jam tune. I’m not the biggest PJ fan in the world (is it cool to call them that, or did I just out myself as a geek?) but because he was making a big deal out of it, I noticed. So when he said “here it is!” I listened.. and low and behold, there was the intro … which sounded an awful lot like AC/DC’s Back in Black… which it was. 

A couple more songs played, then he introduced the new Pearl Jam again without calling notice to the fact that he pushed the wrong button the first time around.

Now, I went to radio school and worked in the field.. and I have pushed the wrong button. Some programmers will say just pretend it never happened. However, as a listener, I feel as if you are trying to dupe me. I know what I heard. Don’t treat me like I’m dumb. I would have had far more respect for the dude if he stopped the song in it’s tracks, said “I’m a dumbass, sorry…” and THEN played the track.

When you stretch the truth, watch out for the snapback.  ~Bill Copeland

I follow this guy on Twitter who has created numerous Twitter accounts in order to promote his new business.  Which is fine, except that he operates all of them himself, pretending to be other people.  He’ll have Twitter conversations with his various accounts, asking “the guy who works for him” questions and replying.. he’s even gone so far as to create fictitious CLIENTS.  And then proceeds to have “wow you guys really helped me” conversations.

Here’s the thing.. he slips up every now and again and responds from the wrong account. He also phrases all of his tweets the same way for each account, so it’s pretty obvious.   If I notice this, others have to be noticing too. I understand he’s trying to start a “buzz” about his venture, but by creating fake clients and fake employees, I have no reason to trust anything else he’s saying.  So every time he contacts me about something, I am entirely skeptical.  

From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own.  ~Syrus

Last year I joined the AC/DC fan club in order to take advantage of the advance tickets available to club members. Part of my membership package included a “gift pack”.  So I waited.. and waited and many months later still had not received my “special fan club gift”.

So of course I was a little put out.. I went to their website and looked for a “contact” to complain to.  Finally found an email address and shot off a note.. also noticing that on the fan club page it now said that they had a YEAR to send out the item (I didn’t notice that the first time…. I’m not sure it was there in the first place..)

Then I waited. And still nothing… so I started telling people I was going to boycott AC/DC and blog about it and oh you wait.. they’ll be sorry. (Knowing full well that likely this would have absolutely no affect on this little Australian band…) Then FINALLY (the day before I moved coincidentally!) I received a package from AC/DC Fan Club headquarters!  Got my buttons and stickers and other trinkets.. plus a note that apologized for the delay.

And I was happy.

“Honesty is something you can’t wear out” – Waylon Jennnings

The gift itself wasn’t that big a deal, it was the fact that they admitted fault,  and fixed it.

All anyone really wants out of any relationship whether it be personal or business is that the other party in the relationship is being honest and treats them with respect.  Everyone screws up. Admit, fix it, move on.

Just be real.

Because most people want to be spoken to  honestly and be treated like they have a brain in their head.

Oh, and maybe some AC/DC buttons.

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  1. August 11, 2009 9:14 pm

    Excellent! Best to call it the missteps and move on. Love the quotes!

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